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Springtime is pollen season. Most insects have come from hibernation and are looking to establish nests and to begin pollination. Some insects are solitary while others comprise large colonies or nests, these include many of the stinging insects.

Carpenter bees are most active during the pollen season. Wasps, yellow jackets and hornets are more problematic during the summer and fall after the nests have become extremely large.
Wasps can also pose a problem during the winter months. Large numbers of female paper wasps will hibernate in and around chimneys and will fly around during warm sunny days and then retreat back to their hibernacula. Some will wind up inside the house or attic during this time.

Some homeowners stumble upon nests by accident. Simply cutting grass or cleaning around the yard can disturb a nest.

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Stinging Insect Control

For those with allergies, the consequences can be very painful and even life threatening. A sting can lead to anaphylactic shock. We can handle even the largest and most dangerous nests. Whether ground nests or aerial nests, we can give you peace of mind. Most hives are exterminated since it is not feasible to relocate them.

Jesse James Pest Control will handle but not limited to:

  • Yellow jackets
  • Carpenter bees
  • Bald faced hornets
  • Paper wasps (polistes)
  • Cicada killers
  • Other stinging insects
  • European hornets
  • (Japanese)
  • Miner Bees
  • Honeybees
  • Mud daubers
  • Bumblebees

ALSO SERVING Northern Virginia area
Jesse James Pest Control is one of the few pest management companies experienced in dealing with stinging insects such as the yellow jacket, wasp, hornet and bee. As in all our work, we make every effort to avoid getting rid of a problem by spraying chemicals in and around your home unless it is absolutely necessary. To learn more or to make an appointment for stinging pest management in Northern Virginia area, give us a call at 540-229-6139.