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Jesse James Pest Control understands that roach control depends on knowing which species have taken up residence in your Fairfax home; so we may individualize pest control to your needs. With over 4,000 species of cockroaches on the planet, it’s no wonder there is such need for roach extermination in Fairfax and beyond.  Effective treatment for cockroach control may depend on a combination of extermination and prevention methods. We offer the highest level of pest control services in Fairfax County. The varieties common to domestic infestation include:

American cockroach. Sometimes called a palmetto bug. They may grow up to 40mm in length. They have wings, but do not all fly. They are adapted to scuttle up walls and ceilings as well as across the floor. They are brown, flat and oval in shape. Their faces may appear to be wearing sunglasses. Roaches are scavengers that like woodpiles, mulch, damp places and all organic food sources.

German cockroach. These are smaller at 13-16mm. They prefer indoor spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Oriental cockroach. These insects are generally large and black. They typically breed outdoors.

Roach Treatments and Prevention

Roach Treatment and Prevention

We can help with a roach treatment plan for your Fairfax home or business. Getting rid of roaches isn’t easy. If you are seeing one roach run across the floor, many others may be out of sight. To get rid of these invasive roaches, more than one approach may be required. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an individualized approach to bug removal and infestation deterrence. We use the most effective methods for your home or business with the least environmental impact. We try to avoid spraying chemicals in the home unless absolutely necessary.

At Jesse James Pest Control, we offer one-time, quarterly and monthly services in Northern Virginia area. A 60-day guarantee comes with one-day service, and quarterly service includes unlimited callbacks. For other insect management including bed bug treatment, call us at 540-229-6139.