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Jesse James Pest Control performs termite inspections, termite control, treatments and yearly renewals for subterranean termite. If you are selling or buying a home, we perform wood destroying insect reports (WDIR). We will ensure that no future problems will exist if treated properly.

Subterranean termites are based on a caste system. There are the workers, soldiers and reproductives (alates). The workers maintain the underground colonies and make the mud tubes often associated with termite activity. The soldiers only defend the nest from intruders and have no worker duties. The queen is simply there for one purpose and that is to lay thousands of eggs in her life span. Once she dies, another secondary reproductive will take over.

In the spring of the year when conditions are favorable such as temperature and humidity, large numbers of black bodied winged termites will emerge from the colony. They will emerge by the thousands! These are called swarmers and are the reproductives or alates. They are often mistaken for black flying ants at this stage. There are subtle differences in the wing length, waist size and antennae. A male and female will breed and find a new suitable habitat to start a new colony.

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Our staff knows termites and we know the best ways to exterminate them. The workers eat the cellulose between the layers of wood, thus weakening the timbers or structures. Structures on slab can sometimes be difficult to detect termite activity until it has progressed to areas that will have to be repaired. Door frames, window frames, sheetrock, hardwood floors structural members are all susceptible to termite damage.

Here at Jesse James Pest Control we only recommend the use of Termidor. This chemical is a non-repellent and lasts for up to 15 years. It binds with the soil and it is a very safe and environment friendly chemical when used correctly and by licensed individuals. We offer the best termite and pest control Fairfax VA.

Termite Inspections

We offer termite inspections to assess and monitor insect activity, and use Termidor liquid treatments.We avoid spraying chemicals until absolutely necessary. In addition, we at Jesse James Pest Control offer the option of a warranty on your house. It covers re-treatments, if required, and damages caused by new termite infestations. For termite and ant control in Northern Virginia area, give us a call at 540-229-6139.